Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?


2 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. Because when she runs away the outfit stays behind.

    Frustratingly I couldn’t find a picture of Hill waving or Rafsandjani saluting.

    Reminds me. I read an article the other day (skimmed more like) about urban myths in Libya about Gaddafi’s origins. Because they hated him so, many Libyans wanted him to be half-foreign (full foreign not being available). Apart from the inevitable Jew stuff, there is a rumour that his father was a French airman from Corsica who would have been shot down over Libya during WWII. This was illustrated by a picture of that man next to one of Gaddafi himself, and a comment that the resemblance was striking. Thing is… the resemblance is only striking if you’re not familiar with “separated at birth” gags. They basically have the same facial expression and are shot from the same angle. Apart from that, go find family resemblance with someone from an old 1940s black and white photograph…

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